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Here's a growing list of some projects written in Visual Basic 6.0 which you might find interesting:

Code creation utility: Creates the VB code necessary for generating an empty Access database from scratch. Uses ADO and ADOX. Tabbed List Box: Display a recordset in a ListBox with columns aligned. Tab stops are calculated dynamically and are font-independent Vertical and horizontal scrolling is activated.
Data conversion utility: Convert from/to Access, Excel, dBASE, Paradox, Text, HTML databases and learn the secrets of SCHEMA.INI files Generic Add/Edit Mask: Tired of creating 37 input forms for your database projects? Use a single "data driven" form to generate your input masks for you!
Master/Detail drill-down: Uses 3 grids to drill-down through the Customer - Orders - Order Details hierarchy. Requires the "NorthWest" database. Appointment Calender: Uses an Access database to store appointments. Requires the VSFlexGrid. Fully functional evaluation component available from http//www.componentone.com/
Master/Detail drill-down with Editing capabilities Uses 3 grids to drill-down through the Customer - Orders - Order Details hierarchy.Database is included in the ZIP file.  


Other stuff

Do it yourself calendar maker Need to know what day of the week your wife's or husband's birthday is on in the year 2010? Pure JavaScript. About the author  
Kennel Administration Software (German) Screen shots of "Tierpension plus  

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